About Us

Integrated Technologies is all about delivering affordable, functional, tried and tested integrated IT solutions.

With technology advancing so fast, new products and solutions, better and faster products and solutions are being introduced almost daily. Having to constantly be aware of these new introductions and growth requirements could lead to one loosing focus and doing something detrimental to the overall business survival. The key element to staying in business is being able to focus on ones core business functions and there’s no denying it, companies are in business to make money.

The Right Solutions

Far too often, companies are sold solutions that are either totally unnecessary and expensive for their real requirements or, they do not provide the functionality required in both the short and long term growth plans of the company.

One of the most common areas of weakness in an IT company are those that specialise or isolate themselves in one sector of the industry only and are then forced to outsource some of their clients requirements. This has become more the norm now with the economy the way it is at present as there are many employees finding themselves having to fend for themselves, starting up small businesses that lean on their specific areas of skills, and then have to outsource areas they can’t cover.

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We Deliver

With the Internet as the base to all our products and services, we at Integrated Technologies believe in long term relationships with our clients that are built on the success of their businesses and not ours and that in turn has seen to our success. Our strategy is simple; to deliver products and services that suit the clients short and long term needs as well as their cash flow. To provide niche type internet based products and services that are needed by business in order to be efficient in both administrative obligations such as compliance and continuity, as well as access to their electronic data.

Tailored to You

Being an integrated IT solutions company, with our own infrastructure, we can be flexible, we can help and we can design and deliver non standard requirements, obviously within reason. For customers who require more then just connectivity, Integrated Technologies provides domain hosting, mail hosting, server hosting, mail spooling, mail archiving, online and off site backup. All these services can be found on our Products & Services page for more information on them and others.

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