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Integrated Technologies is all about delivering affordable, functional, tried and tested integrated IT solutions.
Established 1999

Services we offer

Hosting Services

We offer a full range of hosting services, like Web, Mail, Servers and More…


Integrated Technologies provides a full range of connectivity solutions.

IT Support

Our network engineers provide skills and expertise in the design, structure and support of all networks.

World Class Backups

Data is the lifeblood of just about every commercial entity.

Our Company

With technology advancing so fast, new products and solutions, better and faster products and solutions are being introduced almost daily. Having to constantly be aware of these new introductions and growth requirements could lead to one losing focus and doing something detrimental to the overall business survival. The key element to staying in business is being able to focus on ones core business functions and there’s no denying it, companies are in business to make money.

Why choose us?

Looking for technical support? Contact us: support@integratedit.co.za