Flexibility is an important component of any businesses success. Being able to ‘come up’ with a solution that will work for your client is an important start to a long relationship. Having said this, deviating from the norm often leads to administrative nightmares and other forms of disasters.

Integrated Technologies is perfectly positioned to offer any client, an extensive range of products and services as summarized below, and more! If what you are looking for does not fall within the categories listed below, it doesn’t necessarily mean it can’t be done. There are many ways of achieving the end result and that is where our flexibility leads us.

Web Design, Maintenance & Hosting

We provide our clients with the full range of Web site services, including design, back end development, maintenance and hosting of sites across a variety of platforms. Our services also include Domain registration, hosting, parking, forwarding and spooling – basically flexibility to suite any requirement.
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Integrated Technologies provides the full range of connectivity solutions and is in a position to assist you no matter what your requirement or budget might be. We have consumer uncapped services, for home users and business uncapped packages for the clients that need more speed! We also offer a wide range of capped packages from as little as R49 per month. Another product we offer is a wireless link called Air2Fibre, which has speeds of up to 100MB/s up and down!!
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Email Services

The internet is the foundation of our business and Integrated Technologies provides all the standard mail solutions such as POP3 mailboxes, catch-all mailboxes, store and forward Web mail facilities. As well as Hosted Microsoft Exchange 2013 services. With full MAPI sync of Emails, Contacts, Calender’s & More between all devices. All our Exchange mailboxes are 5GB and come bundled with 5 year web accessible archiving.
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Infinite Scalability

We provide a server hosting facility in a secure controlled data center environment, complete with backup power via our online UPS and industrial generator with automatic fail over.
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Cloud Backups

Back2Back helps organizations protect critical business data in a distributed environment by providing a secure and automated solution to centralize data while minimizing the impact on resources. By automating the traditionally manual tasks associated with daily data backup our systems reduce cost, increase effectiveness and minimize risk.
Back2Back focuses on backup integrity, security, centralized management, easy of use and most importantly.
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Network Support

Our network engineers provide skills and expertise in the design, structure and support of all networks, be it a LAN, WAN or VPN. We also assist our clients hardware, component and software sales and implementation as well as network usage monitoring, management and controls.
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